DJ @ SurfWatch Saturday February 27 2010 – 9:15am pst = slt

I’ll be DJ this weekend at the Second Anniversary Party for SurfWatch. SurfWatch is the largest surfing organization in Second Life; providing a variety of surfing related activities in the Virtual World of Second Life. For those who are a part of Second Life and have never had the chance or tried surfing I would highly recommend that you give it a try! The surfing culture in real life and in second life for that matter is made up of a rich mosaic of people from around the world. Second Life provides an excellent portal for people from around the world to experience surfing and to interact with like minded borders who live and breath surfing. While it will never replace real life surfing by any stretch of ones imagination; virtual surfing does give everyone, and I mean everyone, the opportunity to at least feel a bit of the thrill of what surfing is all about and to interact with similar like minded people form around the world! Check out the SurfWatch Blog that is noted below to learn more about this fantastic group!

Hope to see you out at the SurfWatch Party this Saturday if you can make it out

!SurfWatch News

I’ve attached a Second Life video from youtube to give everyone a  bit of the idea of what virtual surfing is like!


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