Relay For Life (“American Cancer Society) in Second Life

Relay for Life (“RFL”) is one of the key fund-raising events for the American Cancer Society (“ACA”) each year. People all over America and the World for that matter, volunteer that take part in this marque event.

Within  the virtual world of Second Life, there is a very active organization of residences that have put together an amazing Relay for Life walk to help raise money and awareness for the real life ACA. I first got involved in RFL in Second Life as a DJ on the last weekend event in July of  2009 and also helped out by  donating money to the RFL cause. My real life Mother died of cancer over 15 years ago, so being able to help make a small difference in the fight against cancer was a very moving experience for me. Since my Mother has past away, other family members have had there trials and tribulations  with the battle against Cancer.

I will be getting more involved with RFL 2010 this year in Second Life. I’m DJ at the first event this year on March 13, 2010 at 9pm pst = slt at the Clothing Fair. I will be DJ on behalf of the “Spirit of the Relay” team in Second Life for the Clothing Fair event. Please check out the web link of the Second Life part of RFL. There is a lot of information at the web and will give you an idea of how large an organization RLF is in Second Life.

In my view, the real life charity events that take place in Second Life really demonstrates all the really good aspect of this interesting and creative virtual world! Hopefully if you’re a member of Second Life you’ll be able to help support RFL and maybe even come out to hear me DJ on March 13, 2010 !


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