DJ Tonight at Ambrosia Dance Club In Second Life

I’ll be DJ this evening at Ambrosia Dance Club in Second Life (“SL”) from 10pm to Midnight, Second Life Time (“SLT”). For those of you who are not yet a member of SL; SLT = Pacific Standard Time (“PST”). The company behind SL, Linden Labs (“LL”) is based in San Francisco California, and therefore uses a clock time based on PST = SLT. This time clock is perfect for me as my real life (“RL”) time is based on PST and therefore SLT, when I’m in SL.

On  a bit of a random note, I have to chuckle at the use of acronym’s in SL. Oh my what has the English Language become but a long and ever expanding series of Acronym’s, LOL, :P.

In any event, I’ve attached a link to the Ambrosia Dance Club web site so you can check out the club if you like. I DJ at Ambrosia’s every Wednesday night from 10pm to Midnight. Ambrosia’s is a 24/7 club in SL that has either live DJ’s or live musicians performing. The music scene in SL is key component to this unique virtual world and all manners of genes and styles of music can be found if one is willing to explore and check out what going on within the music scene in SL.

I like to entertaining when I DJ and try to get a feel for what the crowd wants to hear form gig to gig. I’ve DJ now for over a year within SL and still enjoy every moment I get to DJ in this unique and multi-layered virtual world. If your out and about on the “grid” this evening, send me an Instant Message (“IM”) and ask for a Teleport (“TP”) so you can come and hear me DJ at Ambrosia Dance Club! splash

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