Nonprofit Commons in Second Life 2010

This is a short video I recently found on youtube, that was put together by TechSoup’s Nonprofits In Second Life. The video helps to show the opportunities in the utilization of Virtual Worlds, like Second Life, for Non-Profit Organizations. The Second Life portal allows people from locations throughout the real world to congregate and interact by getting direct feedback and involvement with others that they might not other wise get direct access too. The 3D portal of Second Life can be used in so many creative ways to aid Non-Profit Organizations to take part and thrive in the advanced web-based world we live in today. Two examples of American based Non-Profit Organizations that are utilizing Second Life to raise  both awareness to their causes and to raise money, is the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life and the National Down Syndrome Society use of the BuddyWalk event.

Relay for Life in Second Life is now the largest “in world” charity organization that has grown substantially in the last several years in its efforts on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Thousands of residences in Second Life take part in the Relay for Life cause in a variety of fund-raising activities that typically start in February of each year and end in late July with an in world run/walk event that mirrors the types of run/walk events that take place in the real world. This writer had the privilege of DJ at the last weekend event in Second Life  for the 2009 Relay for Life last July.  I was profoundly moved by not only the structure and sophistication of the Second Life Relay for Life organization, but by the inclusiveness and sense of shared community that was projected out to everyone who participated. This year I was privileged to DJ on the first weekend of the first major event for the Second Life Relay for Life organization, the Clothing Fair 2010. As the year progresses I hope to be able to do more voluntary work for the Second Life Relay for Life group that will come to as close at the last weekend event in July. The Clothing Fair 2010 for Relay for Life in Second Life runs from March 13th to March 22, 2010.  Please check out the SL Clothing Fair 2010 web site for more details. SL Clothing Fair Benefiting Relay for Life

The Second Life BuddyWalk, on behalf of the National Down Syndrome Society (“NDSS”), is in its second year of operation and was started and is run in world by JL Zinner, a residence of Second Life. JL Zinner, by way of her real life identity, is involved with the real life branch of the BuddyWalk  in the Chicago Area. JL’s oldest child in real life has Down Syndrome and her involvement in the last several years with the Chicago area branch of the Buddywalk as an executive and organizer has allowed her to take the valuable skills she has learned into the virtual world of Second Life. This year on Sunday March 21st, JL has set up an all day entertainment event including live musicians and DJ’s on behalf of the NDSS to raise both awareness and much-needed funds. This writer will be one of the DJ’s performing at the SL Buddywalk on Sunday March 21st from 4pm to 6pm pst (“slt”). Please check out the Second Life BuddyWalk web site for more information on this years event: Second Life Buddy Walk


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