Man Vs. Second Life

OK time for a bit of a “lighter” post by me today; plus it’s the start of a long weekend so time to relax a bit. The attached youtube video about Second Life is good “tongue-and-cheek” fun. A lot of  people who are members of  Second Life have already seen this video, however if you have not seen it yet, please do I’m sure you’ll get some good laughs from the subject of the video. There is a gesture in the video that I need to find in world. Can you guess which gesture it is? If so please note what you think that gesture might be via a comment to me.


2 thoughts on “Man Vs. Second Life

  1. “I want to do the SEX!!” I bet that’s the one, isn’t it? Thanks for linking my video 😀 Shoot me an email with your SL name, and I’ll contact you in world with the original gesture.

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