Steve Aoki “I’m in Da House”

I think this song was in my set list last night while I was DJ at Ambrosia Dance Club in Second Life. I had two (2) hours worth of songs que up and ready to go last night, but had about 12 to 15 song requests,  so at least a dozen of the songs I had hoped to play last night got moved to the back burner. Nothing wrong with that, I love song requests as it always lets me know I have an active audience and gives me a feel for what they want to hear! I had a great time DJ my regular time slot at Ambrosia Dance Club last night from 10 pm to Midnight (“PST”). My DJ group membership count was 207 last time I looked, so thank you to all who joined the DJ Splash Group last night! Also a big thank you to the group members who were on line last night who were able to make it out to my gig. It’s always a great feeling to see group members come out to repeat and future music event that I participate in!

Now to be completely eclectic from the last youtube video post I put up, enjoy a bit of Steve Aoki and Zupra (aka Will I Am) “I’m in Da House”.

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