Strong Wind today in Virtual Land

The following picture was posted on Dusan Writers Blog today in regards to an article he produced called “War Online: Virtual Battle of the Future”. Please take the time to read Dusan’s article as it touches on some very important ideas about dark themes at play in our immersed/connected life-styles that covers more and more of the globe with each passing minute. Dusan Writer The picture in question is from a flinkr post by fdecomite on May 25th, 2008

I just love the visual texture of this picture, that really plays into my “deconstructionist” nature. The Grey cloudy background, the light source coming from the left side/corner area of where the picture ends, or begins for that matter. The picture has a timeless quality about it that touches on the concept of a still point, in my view. Who/what is causing the wind? Is the structure being destroyed or set free? Is nature triumphing over technology or is it the other way around? Endless possibilities. What is real and what is not? What is true and what is a lie? George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” from the novel 1984, is definitely at work in the virtual world and gets more cunning and stronger with each passing day!  “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” “Ignorance is Strength.”


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