DJ Schedule in Second Life Week of April 19 to April 25

OK so far I only have one gig time lined up for this week as my real life is really busy right now:

Ambrosia Dance Club Wednesday April 21st 10 PM to Midnight PST/SLT

Club Dance, Hip Hop/RnB, Top 40’s, +  Lots & lots of Requests too!

If I have the time I might line up a gig this weekend at one of the clubs that allows me to guest DJ if they have an open slot available. So watch the blog for details or my DJ group or profile picks in Second Life for more information this weekend if I DJ or not.

Keeping on the theme of my gig this Wednesday, I’ve included a video of B.O.B’s “Nothing on You”. Nice lighter hip hop kind of tune that reminds one that when they got a good thing going with someone to not forget about the importance of that relationship, even in the face of so many visual distractions that might be around!


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