Twista’s “Wetter” Featuring Erika on the vocals

OK, I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip Hop/RnB lately. Hip Hop & RnB is a great fusion of so many styles and approaches. For me it’s this great big painter’s palette of colors and textures that makes Hip Hop/RnB so enjoyable to listen too. I’ve included “Wetter” by Twister featuring Erika Shevon, on the vocal as the youtube feed for his post. Twista (aka Carl Terrell Mitchell) is a Chicago based rapper, who’s speed and delivery time when he’s rapping is amazing. Wetter was release in February of 2009 and made it to the No. 7 spot for Billboards Top 100 Hip Hop & RnB Category. I’ve included this video not that it’s any great feat of artistic expression, but just because I love the way Erika say “Daddy” when she sings; :P. My oh my her voice just makes me melt like a chocolate fudge sundae on a hot summers day! Enjoy!


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