Splash DJ’s at Ambrosia Night Club – Wednesday May 5, 2010 10 pm to Midnight

OK I haven’t DJ in like 10 days now so I’m due! Last Wednesday evening, as the regular users of Second Life are well aware of, there was a total shut down of the grid for several hours due to a major electrical outage at the Phoenix, Arizona location of one of Linden Labs key server farms. My Wednesday DJ gig time last week just so happen to fall right in the middle of the Second Life grid shut down.

Soooo, assuming there is not another power outage in Arizona and all, I will be back to DJ at my regular gig time of 10 pm to Midnight PST in Second Life at the Ambrosia Dance Club. Please send me a IM in-world or sent me a comment via this web page on any song you would like to request or style of music you want me to play. I enjoy and encourage song requests, so don’t be shy and I hope you can make it out if your on the grid during my gig time this evening!!


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