“Just Like Heaven”

The above video is an acoustic cover version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” by Katie Melua. The poetic quality of the lyrics in this song are incredible and Katie does a great “reflective” version of this song. If we live long enough and really let our hearts feel deeply, sooner or later someone will definitely get “drowned inside of us”. Paradoxically, the beauty and the tragedy of life is to allow oneself to feel deeply, in my view. It’s interesting how close the emotions of ex-stream pleasure and relentless pain are to each other when you really think about it.Those relationships we have in our lives that give us the most joy will ultimately give us the most amount of pain too. The lucky few who can hopefully grasp a higher state of “being” can perhaps transcend the tragedy of the mortal lose of what was once so beautiful and see beyond the curve of time and the “mortal coil” we must all accept. The ability to transcend a lose, however is not an easy or simple path that anyone can travel, and really can only be achieved through the path of humility.

Of course I had to add an acoustic version of “Just Like Heaven” too by The Cure, I mean, it’s their song after all that I remember from the 80’s so well. Don’t be afraid to leave me a comment or two on what you like about this song and the two different versions of it.Enjoy


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