Second Life 7th Birthday Party Info

The Second Life 7th Birthday Party is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21, 2010 and runs through Sunday, June 27 2010. The Second Life 7th Birthday Party celebration is a Linden Labs sponsored event (the creators and owners of Second Life). This years theme is “Unexpected Collaborations” which I think is very fitting and a great idea. Some of my greatest moments in Second life have been in those unexpected encounters with someone who lead me to a new idea, thought, and appreciation of how one needs to be “open” to be truly creative.

I had the privilege of DJ on two separate occasion at the Second Life 6th Birthday Party, which was a great experience and really helped me to feel more connected with the larger community of Second Life; builders, scripters, artist, live musicians, bloggers, DJ, designers, etc. There are so many talent and interesting people in Second Life who help to make this unique virtual world truly a patch work quilt that is always a “work in progress”. Gage Goodliffe, one of the owners of a very successful club called the “Galaxy” in Second Life, approached me out of the blue one night in April of 2009 while I was DJ at a club and asked me to apply to be a DJ at the SL6B Party. Thanks to Gage and his partner JewelKicker Spearmann, who were the entertainment coordinators last year for the two DJ stages at the SL6B Party, my appreciation and enjoyment of Second Life for those times of “unexpected encounters” for collaboration went up ten fold!

I’ve listed a few interesting web links so you can find out more about this years Second Life 7th Birthday Party, please check them out when you can: SL7B Party Info Page

Harper Beresford’s has a blog just about the Second Life Seven Birthday Party so please check it out when you can: Harper Beresford Blog about the SL7B Party Harper Beresford\’s SL7B Party Blog

Here is a of photo’s of yours truley (lol, me with longer hair) DJ at last years SL6B Party! Enjoy


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