John Lennon’s – Watching the Wheels”

It’s amazing how fast time moves; this December 8th it will be 30 years since John Lennon was murder in front of his co-op apartment building in New York City. John Lennon was such an influential singer/song writer; the collection of musical work that he left for us to enjoy is truly a treasure for us all. From my point of view he was without a doubt the most creative member of the Beatles in the structure and themes of the songs he wrote. The song “Watching the Wheels” was published in 1980 on the album “Double Fantasy”. I heard this song on my drive in this AM to my RL work and it made me think about the importance of how we use or don’t use our time. Think globally of course as they say, but most definitely act locally in how you govern your actions. The all-powerful and the very meek will all fade away in time; however how we govern ourselves and out actions in this life will perhaps have a bearing on who we are in our next. Enjoy the video I got from YouTube it’s got some cool retro pictures of John Lennon!

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