Connecting the Dots

Perhaps it is nearing a time for a self-imposed banishment from the realm of social media and virtual worlds exploring for a bit? It is interesting the trigger points we have within us that motivates us in one direct or another. I’ve only really been blogging now for about three (3) months and got to the point of averaging per day about 17 to 18 hits on my site. Not sure if that amount of web site hits is good or bad for a new blogger? In any event I’ve only had about 10 comments on my entire blog so far and none of which have been very long or looking to engage me in any kind of interesting conversation or debate. Maybe it’s my eclectic style of posts I put up on the blog? What ever it is I grow bit tied and bored of the process; at least today I do *grins*.

Several weeks back I started on a draft of a post that I never have gotten around to publishing, and perhaps never will? In event the title to the unpublished post is “Life Out of Balance – Second Life vs. Real Life”. The motivation for the draft post is based on a Hopi First Nation tribal word, “Koyaanisquatsi” which loosely translates in English to “Life Out of Balance”. It’s an interesting piece I’ve drafted in my opinion, however I’m sure the same topic has been written about by many more learned people from Second Life than me.

Between 1975 to 1982, a documentary film called KOYAANISQATSI was made. The film is about “an apocalyptic vision of the collision of two different worlds — urban life and technology versus the environment.” The film in question has no dialogue but only a music score composed by Philip Glass as the “back drop” to the film. The film is a hypnotic series of juxtaposition film clips of Nature and Modern Technology. The film is interesting to view in retrospect as it is now 26 years old from its release date and still has a powerful impact on the conscientious viewer. What I find both interesting and fascinating is just how much the “modern” world continues to keep speeding out of control since Koyanntisqatsi was made; which makes this movie just that more relevant, at least from this writers point of view. If you have never seen the movie Koyanntisqatsi I would highly recommend it (see it from start to finish, preferable in a dark quiet room on a large screen).

Since the first draft of the unpublished piece, the deep-sea drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico keeps spilling raw oil into the ocean at the pace of 5,000 barrels a day, destroying untold amounts of the natural environment in around that area, that will most likely take decades upon decades to recover from the damage. Global warming continues on with no sign of stopping. Out of Balance; are we kidding ourselves, our world, the natural world we are supposed to be stewards of, is so badly damaged it may never be in balance again.

In any event, writing about it is one thing, doing something about it is entirely another. Time to “act locally & globally” on this issue. We owe it to not only the natural environment, and our children, but those who tried before us to keep our natural world in balance.

So why the graph of the word “banished” provided by Visual Thesaurus? Well its time for us to face the music, unless we get our act together in a very serious way, the damage to the natural environment of the earth we have done will give us the greatest banishment.

Connecting the Dots


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