DJ Schedule for the Week of June 12th to June 19th, 2010

I had a very enjoyable DJ event for Penn State Online World Campus last Friday & meet some really nice people who are utilizing both the Internet, and Second Life to further their University education in real life (“rl”)! Here’s a link to the the Penn State Online World Campus; take a bit of time to check it out they are a leading world-class University and have established themselves as being on the fore front of online learning: Link: Penn State Online World Campus

This week when I look at my rl schedule I wonder if I’ll even get any sleep I’m so busy! My rl schedule gets very busy during the later part of this week. That being said I’ll try to squeeze in two DJ gigs’ at the beginning of this week while I can. Please see the times and locations for my DJ gigs noted below:

~ WaVeS NiGhTcLuB ~ – Tuesday June 14th 10 pm to Midnight (maybe earlier start time depending on my rl) – Contemp Rock, Pop, Hip Hop

Ambrosia Dance Club – Wednesday June 15th – 10 pm to Midnight – Hip Hop, RnB, Electro, etc. Here is the link to the Ambrosia Dance Club web site: Ambrosia Dance Club

Next Tuesday, on June 22nd, 2010 I’ll be DJ at the Second Life 7th Birthday Party (“SL7B Party”). The SL7B Party is a show case event sponsored by Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life. The Sl7B Party is on for an entire week and is a great event to learn more about various aspect of Second Life and for you to get to know more of your fellow residence of Second Life who are part of this wonderful 3D Virtual Environment! Here is a link to a web site by Harper Beresford about the SL7B Party that has more details about this years party: Link: SL7B Party Web Site Info.

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