Who Am I if I’m An Avatar?

Who am I? Hmmmm, I’m not sure. I mean if I’m an Avatar, do I have my existence separate from the carbon based person who is typing in these words at this moment? Is “Splash Kidd” just some digital cartoon who can be changed at the click of a button or erased by the service provider at a moments notice; perhaps, and perhaps not. Certainly there are various pictures of Splash on my hard drive now and of course in the “cloud” too. So there is a record of Splash Kidd, even if I deleted his digital existence from Second Life. Plus Splash Kidd has been rezzed for over three years now so he has many friends and associates who know him in Second Life, Twitter, this blog, etc. Dam what have I created, I think Splash has a life of his own that I can no longer control!

For “me” (i.e. the typist not the Avatar) I like to see Splash Kidd as this somewhat creative extension of myself, who is, or who should be, in a fairly steady state of evolution. A “work in progress” mind-set. Certainly Splash has grown and changed overtime; matured so to speak if you could call it that. Well some days it’s more like one step forward and two steps back, but I’ll save that topic for another blog post. When I became a DJ in Second Life, I allowed more of “me” to be reflected in who Splash is; especially the part of me that enjoys entertaining. Whether or not this is a good thing, or not, only time will tell. I’ve gotten lots of good comments from various friends, group members, club owners and people out at my events stating that they like I put my personality into who I am while I DJ. People seems to like the more “personal” side of “me” via Splash that I allow to shine forth. So for now I’ll keep putting “me” into Splash while I DJ in Second Life. Music and being a DJ seems to be my anchor at the moment in Second Life that gives me the most amount of pleasure.

I enjoy the limited amounts of time in the past that I have used to try to build and take pictures in Second Life, however I really don’t have the time or energy to focus on those creative endeavors now, so for the time being I will continue to work on my musical side. My remixing with Traktor Scratch Pro has been slow lately, for a variety of reasons, however I feel like I’ll be moving back in that direction again, so I’m looking forward to that type of musical process again. From a purely listening stand point, I’ve listened to a lot of Blues and Blues Rock in the past few weeks. A newer blues musician by the name of Sonny Boy Terry has caught my ear a bit and I have especially been enjoying listening to Eric Clapton again in regards to his blues related music. Muddy Water, James Cotton Blues Band, BB King, of course stay high on my rotation list too. The emotional energy behind the Blues and the fact that the Blues is the essential building blocks for Rock and Roll, Rock, R & B, Hip Hop and Jazz is what I think I enjoy the most. Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Mississippi Blues, it all bleeds into one for me!

Alright enough random rants from me for now. Hope to catch you on the flip side at one of my gig’s in Second Life in the not to distance future!

Oh yeah, who am I if I’m an avatar? Well you’ll just have to IM me sometime in Second Life now to find out who I am if your interested in learning more!

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