DJ Schedule Week of July 18 to July 24, 2010

Noted below is my DJ Schedule this week in Second Life. I have only one gig time lined up this week as both my Real Life professional and personal schedules are very busy. It’s high summer in the North Hemisphere now and I typically try to take advantage of the great weather and long summer days to spend as much time outside as possible. Come fall my schedule of DJ times in Second Life will pick up again!

Ambrosia Dance Club – July 21 – 10 pm to Midnight PST

For those people who don’t have group room to join my Second Life group; DJ Splash Groupies. I have a newer group method you can join that does not take up any of your twenty-five (25) group space in Second Life. My group is via the “Subscribe-O-Matic” system. A link to the Subscribe-O-Matic web site is as follows: Subscribe-O-Matic Web Site There are a few kiosk machines in Second Life that you can find and click on to join my DJ Splash Kidd Groupies Subscribe set up. My good friend Costess Young in Second Life, who is one of the best designers/creators of DJ equipment in Second Life has allowed me to put up one of my Kisok machines in his main store site; CY Design. Please check out Costess’s store, CY Design and join my Subscribe-O-Matic group at the same time while visiting the store!

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