Farewell to Teagan Linden

Teagan's Last Linden Bear Gift

A very busy schedule has delayed me in finalizing this article, but even with the passing of a few weeks between now and when the subject matter of this article took place I still feel it is a relevant article to post!

This is the bear Teagan Linden gave to me at around 1:30 AM (SLT of course) on July 8th, 2010. I am looking up at the bear and thinking about Teagan who I didn’t know; well at least not until about one & half hours before this picture was taken. You see Teagan Linden within a few minutes after this picture was taken ceased to exist as an Avatar as her employment with Linden Labs had come to an end. If you search now for Teagan Linden in Second Life, nothing shows up. I’m not sure if this is the last linden bear she gave out before she logged off Teagan in the wee early morning hours of July 8th, 2010, but for now I like to think it was.

For those reading this blog who are not familiar with Second Life, Linden Labs is the company that owns and runs Second Life. All employees of Second Life are given an Avatar, who’s last name is always “Linden”. Once a person quits or is fired by Linden Labs their Avatar, with the surname of “Linden” is wiped out by the Company. You know the drill, it’s like when you try to log into your old companies computer system after you’ve been let go and words “access denied” jump out at you. I’m sure Teagan created an “alt” so that she can still access Second Life, but her view and perspective of Second Life and Linden Labs must have a different “shade” to her now that she’s on the outside looking in.

Until around Midnight of July 8th, 2010 I had never meet Teagan Linden. A friend had IM me at about 10:45 PM on July 7th and had asked if I wanted to DJ for a farewell party that was being held for Teagan Linden. My first answer was “sure sounds like it would be an interesting & fun gig to do” I’ve never DJ for a Linden in a direct way before (well at least not that I knew of, hehe). I sort of thought my friend was asking me to DJ a party for the weekend or something like that, but he said “No Splash, we need you now!” As I was DJ at a club I work at each week right at that moment I wasn’t able to DJ, but was able to line up another DJ for the Teagan Linden farewell party until I could get there at just past Midnight.

As it worked out I was the third and the last person to DJ for Teagan Linden’s farewell party that night. The party supposedly had already been going on for several hours and even thought it was late a number of people were still enjoying the various festivities. It was interesting to watch the end part of the farewell party, people came and went, all of them with the except of a few I did not know. The party as I had mentioned earlier had been going for several hours, and yet Teagan was still chatting away with people she had come in contact with during her time working for Linden Labs in a cheerful mood. What struck me at that time and what still stays with me was the various people who came and went and how so many of them indicated how much they had enjoyed her company and the work she had done while being employed at Linden Labs. The comments of Teagan’s colleagues and friends made me reflect not only on Teagan’s last day but also the 100 plus people who had recently lost their jobs at Linden Labs.

For those employed within the technology sector in life today, or any section in today’s economy for that matter, being terminated or made redundant is just part of the modern employment cycle. So all of us have to be ready to move on and find new employment opportunities today at a moments notice. Going from a view of looking from the inside out, to the outside in is a given on the employment wheel we all ride on. Nevertheless I still thought about the person behind Teagan Linden and what lay ahead for her in her next employment journey she would soon be on. What I did gather from the brief private IM’s I had with Teagan was that she gave off a great positive energy and it was sad that she wouldn’t be around in the future to help make Second Life a positive place for others to explore the infinite possibilities of what it means to have a “virtual life”. So as a last farewell, from me Splash Kidd to you Teagan Linden, thank you for all that you did during your time with Linden Labs and by letting me be the last Avatar to have one of your Linden Bears before you moved on to greener sims to explore! Happy TP’s!

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Teagan Linden

  1. Hey Splash,
    Just came across your blog today. What wonderful memories I have of that night! Thanks so much for writing this, it means a lot to me that you came to DJ and that you wrote about it. It’s great to hear about other peoples experiences, and it was really nice to meet you.

    • Hiya Teagan, 🙂 I’m so glad you found and liked my posting I did. As you and I both know there are so many awesome people one meets (briefly or extensively) via Second Life and I think it’s important for all of us who have ventured forth into the process of interacting with others within a virtual environment to always remember that!

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