Electro House Music

House Music is my “home base” as a DJ. The description below is from a web site called http://www.beatport.com that specializes in selling music! I like this general description for “electro house”; enjoy!

“As the name implies, electro house encompasses primary elements from both the electro and house genres. While maintaining the straight 4/4 beat structure of house, electro house incorporates elements from the electro sound, such as sharp melodic analogue synthesizer hits and basslines. As with house music, vocals are also sometimes a part of the electro house sound. The tempo for electro house is often slightly accelerated from standard house, residing somewhere between 125 to 135 beats per minute (BPM). The foundation for electro house is house music, which itself is founded on multiple genres including jazz, funk, disco, soul and r&b. House was established in the 1980s in Chicago and New York in the United States by artists such as Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles, Loose Joints and Larry Levan. Electro house came into prominence in the mid-2000s after the electroclash scene brought a pop sentiment to electronic music. With electroclash’s incorporation of indie rock’s use of electronic equipment to create its sound, indie rock had unintentionally become an element that affected the evolution of electro house. After the electroclash sound had run its brief but potent course, the distilled pop effect is what resulted in electro house. Electro house is designed for the dance floor and has gained interest from both the indie rock crowd and traditional house fans.”

Direct description of Electro House music from Beatport.com

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