DJ Schedule – Week of September 19th to 25th

I have two gigs scheduled in Second Life for this week as noted below:

1. Galaxy Dance Club – Monday September 19th from 9 pm to 11 pm (PST) – Contemp Rock, Alt Rock and a bit of Hip Hop!

2. Ambrosia Dance Club – Wednesday September 22nd, from 10 pm to Midnight (PST) – Hip Hop and Electro-Dance will be the main flavors.

My ability to schedule in advance DJ gig’s in Second Life is typically very difficult due to my busy Real Life schedule. As such keep checking back to this post, my group profile or my person profile in Second Life for any other DJ gigs that may get lined up this week!

I’m a request, live voice over DJ so I’ll be more than happy to play your song request at both the Galaxy and Ambrosia gigs this week. Both the Galaxy and Ambrosia are 24/7 clubs that are consistently in the top 10 club list for traffic in Second Life week in week out. Both my gigs this week will be high energy events with a great selections of songs ideally suited for each type of club experience. If you’re a member of Second Life and on the “grid” during either of my scheduled gig’s please drop by either club and don’t forget to IM and say “Hey Splash, I found you via your blog website”!

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