EastMountainSouth – “You Dance”

“Because you dance in my head, in my heart, in my hands, because you belong”!!!!!!

Great song, structurally as it can be performed in a simple basic format via an acoustic guitar to a very complex structure with multiple instruments and layers within the song! Bravo.

Here are two youtube video versions of the song, please let me know which one you prefer over the other. Thanks and most of all enjoy!

Here is the other youtube version of the same song (live version) by EastMountainSouth – “You Dance”

2 thoughts on “EastMountainSouth – “You Dance”

  1. Definately love the raw (second) version of this song. although the quality is not the best, the emotion and layers of the song are way more powerful than the overprocessed sound of a studio. Great song selection to share splash!

    • Thanks Laynie for your comments about “You Dance” by EastMountainSouth. I totally agree with your points. I first heard this song the other day via Satellite radio, that was more of an acoustic version that I really liked. I was having a tough time finding a similar version to the the song that I had heard on the radio so I decided to see what YouTube had to offer. I like the more “raw” acoustic version too. Hopefully EastMountainSouth will put out or has out a better studio or live acoustic version of “You Dance” that I can find.

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