Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum Build-Off in Second Life

I had an opportunity to go to the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum Build-Off in Second Life today. Wow what a great event, that show cases some of the very best virtual designers and builders. There are two division in the competition, one is called the “novice” division and the other the “Pro Designer” division. The event is refer to as the Prairie Style Build off, September 24th to 26th, 2010. If you’re a member of Second Life please take the opportunity to visit the event before it ends at Midnight PST on Sunday September 26th, 2010. Noted below is a write-up on the Museum and the “Build-Off” I got from the sim hosting the FLWVM.

“What is the FLWVM Build-Off?

In August of 2009, the fledgling Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of SL introduced an event called the “Build-Off”. This premiere event tasked builders with creating an original SL home – designed in a style inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright – on-site, over the course of a single weekend. The first event proved so popular with both participants and visitors that the FLWVM determined to make it a semi-annual event. Using essentially the same format, subsequent Build-Offs were:
-Craftsman Style, November 2009
-Usonian Ideals, February 2010.

The competition works like this: a build-off home is required to be built in its entirety on site, within a specific period of time, in the predetermined architectural style. Limitations on size and prims are also a factor. The entries are then judged by a panel of experts to determine the Best Novice & Pro entries. There is also a People’s Choice Award, selected by popular vote. Events leading up to the Build-Off may include educational sessions on architectural style, building technique and craftsmanship.

The Build-Off is a unique opportunity for builders to showcase their talents and to become known to others. It is also a great learning venue for builders and non-builders to observe and compare appoaches and techniques for home construction. All funds raised by the event are used to cover event costs and to raise money for the FLWVM.

The next event shall be the Prairie Style Build -Off, September 24th to 26th, 2010. You can participate as a builder, a volunteer , a sponsor or a visitor! Join the FLWVM for updates and more information on this and other exciting events!

Prepare to be challenged!”

One of my favorite builds was done by a Pro-Designer, by the name of Marcan Aridian. I posted two pictures of his build and his write-up about his build are noted below. Please take the time to check out Marcan’s absolutely wonderful build and the other builders and designers work too at the FLWVM. Remember you have till Midnight Sunday September 26, 2010 to vote!

“As you enter the drive, patient poplars line the way, their limbs ablaze with fall glory. Fields of sleepy golden grain nod in the sun. Welcome to Amber Field House, a modest two-bedroom dwelling set in the grasslands of Missourri. The rich brown brick lays a foundation for copper and rich hues that delight the eye, belying the comfort and functional layout you find as you step in the door. Here is a workspace for the owner, perhaps the very architect of the house escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city for quieter venues. Ascending the stairs you enter the main living space, a warm open floor plan that invites laughter and heartfelt conversation, where one can work in the kitchen while chatting with guests relaxing by the fire. The family dining table provides a pivotal point around which the life of the family swirls. For life happens within these walls – childhood, youth, meetings and partings. The seasons perform their slow dance and the timeless house wears each as a graceful mantle, cradling the family in its bosom, in that place where the land meets the sky and the great prairie begins.

Please come & see the contest & feel free to vote for your favorite :

FLWVM Fall Build-Off 2010, Rockcliffe Research (126, 127, 21)”

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