Life is Short

Life is short as we all know, as least the physical realities of this one is. As a child days seemed to last forever; some even dragged on and on as I recall. Now that I’m a bit older it seems as if I can blink my eyes and several months will have come and gone within that movement of my eye lashes.

Being busy in life is good, but one still needs to take those moments, those special opportunities to stop, look and listen to the natural rhythms of nature and the changing of the seasons.

I’ve posted a few pictures I took during a bike ride along the ocean as the sun was setting on Tuesday September 28, 2010. Just a few days now into the fall season here in the Northern Hemisphere, but already the air has that special feel of the colder longer nights to come. Where ever you may be in the big wide world, I hope your able to find moments in your day or week that allow you to slow down a bit and remember that life is short. Use your days wisely and with a sense of creative purpose. Enjoy!


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