The Return of Adam Steel to the BIG Screen; Man vs Second Life 2

Based on the phenomenal success of Man Vs Second Life (170,000 views and counting) Hugity (YouTube account name) is busy in the studio working on the last cuts to the editing process of Man vs Second Life 2. To wet everyone’s whistle, Hugity has release a trailer on YouTube to give you an idea of what is to come!

Here is the link to the trailer to Man vs Second Life 2:

The trailer at this stage has had over 1,000 views so based on the hits I would expect that this new version of the adventures of Adam Steel in Second Life will be just as successful.

Please take a moment to view the trailer if you can, Hugity takes a really fun “tongue in cheek” look at Second Life and I’m sure the new movie version soon to be released will be as enjoyable to watch as the original short animated film was!

As regular readers of my blog will know I posted an article about Man Vs Second Life in the spring of this year and the creator of the video, Hugity was kind enough to leave a comment about my article too. Subsequent to the comment from Hugity we meet via IM in Second Life and he was kind enough to pass on one of the key gestures used in the movie! Here is the link to my original article I posted on April 1st 2010:

3 thoughts on “The Return of Adam Steel to the BIG Screen; Man vs Second Life 2

  1. The current form of shooting is still along the lines of guerrilla tactics as well. There may be a blooper reel released in which we have some comic encounters with some residents in public areas.

    Also, during the first episode, most of the shots there were done on the first or second take. It just worked out that way. For this new episode, we did many takes as several of the routines were quite complicated to get working right with multiple actors.

    I have not personally seen the pre-edits of the movie put together, only the script and what I have shot in relation to the script, but from what I have seen and what Sean has told me, it will be a very good and punchy movie that I cannot wait to see the final result.

    FYI: this new episode will be in 720p HD compared to the last one. I created a mod file to add additional custom resolutions in SL so that I can record out 720p. The previous one was a year prior to me making the file and thus was only recorded at NTSC. Just another bit of trivia.

  2. Greetings!

    I am the camera man for the Man vs SL team. Every once and a while, I go around and see what blogs have mentioned the video and I came across this blog.

    Anywho, I will say this (and I’m sure Sean has mentioned this also): we had no idea this video would become such a hit. Plain and simple. It is great that this has boomed so much and that is why at nearly the 2 year mark since the first creation of the first video, we knew that the sequel had to be better than the bulk of the ones coming out of hollywood these days.

    So, with much anticipation, the second man vs sl video will be better than the first by far! The first one was shot and edited in 3 days. The second one was much bigger and longer as we have been in on/off production for many months with the first conception of the script taking place early Spring of 2010. Edits and revisions took place with initial shooting taking place late June early July 2010. About once or twice a month we get together for more shooting and then the painful process of dumping massive uncompressed FRAPS video to Sean to edit. I think with all the raw footage we have thus far, I have shot probably 80GB worth or so.

    The sequel is in the final stages right now before release. I don’t want to be specific about release dates, but it is VERY soon. I mean, VERY soon!

    Why am I telling you all of this? Well, since last year, I randomly go around on the Internet and google “man vs second life” to see what turns up. Your blog just happened to come up and I thought I would just leave a comment to say thank you for spreading the love of this fine machinima project that keeps getting tons of views. It is people like you that help to spread the word around because honestly, when the first video was released, we posted it and told like 7 people who assisted us during the final shoot scene (amsterdam arena). From there…….. well…… it has gotten quite big!

    Hans, aka Nitro Biedermann (SL)

    • Hey Nitro, thanks so much for your comment to my blog posting and giving a briefing on the process of the making of Man vs. Second Life 2. From your description is sounds like Sean, yourself and the rest of the production crew and actors are really putting a lot of time and energy into the sequel of the further advantages of Adam Steel. It’s also neat to know a bit of the history of the “guerrilla” type approach that went into the make of the original Man vs Second Life. The indie/organic type of film making that went into the original version is for me what makes the first film so enjoyable. More importantly I think the use of the movies point of view via Adam Steel and how he talks directly to the camera (the viewer) is what makes the movie so enjoyable. The Second Life, experience is very much an “internal” journey and I think the way the character Adam is able to play with that internal journey type of experience by the use of comic dialogue and interactions is one almost everyone who has ventured into Second Life can easily relate to.

      Thanks again Nitro and I look forward to the soon to be released Man vs . Second Life 2! Cheers Splash Kidd

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