The Burn2 Experience in Second Life

Burn2, formally called Burning Life, is taking place in Second Life (October 16th, 2010 to October 24th, 2010). Burn2 is the virtual world equal to the Burning Man event that takes place each year in Black Rock Nevada, USA in the middle of a desert. Burn2 is a totally community run event that celebrates the collective creative arts and community within Second Life. This years event is made up of six (6) sims and features two stages, the Center Stage for live performers (i.e singers, musicians, actors, etc.) and the Berlin Stage for live DJ’s. The pictures above are from the Berlin Stage that I took this morning while listening to a DJ friend, Shayla Juran perform. Shayla is in the middle picture in this post. I’ll be DJ at the Berlin Stage for a two-hour set on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 10pm to Midnight, Pacific Standard Time. I’m planning on spinning a vocal house mix via Traktor Scratch Pro. I’m not what you would call a “purest” when it comes to the type and style of music I like to spin so it I stray a bit into electro dance or vocal trance during my gig I hope you’ll forgive me.

Hopefully if you’re a member of Second Life you have an opportunity to come out to hear my gig this evening, and if not your able to get out to enjoy the sights and sounds of Burn2 before it ends on Sunday October 24, 2010. Burn On!


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