The Return of Adam Steel via Man vs Second Life 2

The Executive Producer, Director, Editor, Chief Bottle Washer and all around nice guy of Man vs Second Life 2 Hugity is getting very, very close to the public release of his sequel to Man vs. Second Life. For those who have kept up with the various adventures of Adam Steel, the camera man for the new movie, Nitro Biebermann has been kind enough to post some recent comments on my blog giving us a bit of an inside scoop about the creative process and work going into the making of Man vs. Second Life 2. My understanding is that a release date on Halloween (i.e. October 31st, 2010) is in order so please check back to the blog on that day, as I will try to get a review out as soon as possible, once I have seen the new movie myself!

To help satisfy your interest prior to the release of Man vs Second Life 2 at a feverish level I have added in a short video log from Adam Steel to give you just a taste of the hidden dangers he and his camera crew have been up against in Second Life while filming the new movie. Enjoy

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