Someone to Watch Over Me

When I DJ in Second Life and the venue I’m at is full of people, via their avatars, I wonder sometimes to myself “who are these people behind the images on my screen? What do they long for and what motivates them to be here in this place at this given moment?”

I like a full venue, I love to see and hear people interactions, even if sometimes some of those interactions are rather frivolous. The important aspect of performing and DJ is for my sets to be fun, interactive and entertaining. I like to think for a moment I can pass on my joy and love of music to others and perhaps turn them on to a new musical artist or song that they may never have heard of before. I perform in Second Life at 10pm to Midnight (PST). I’ve done this same gig time now for well over a year. I typically spend about a minimum of 2 hours in set up time before I DJ (thinking about a musical theme for the night, selecting songs within the theme, listening to those songs, making sure my mixing in key will be correct between the songs I have selected, etc.). For the casual listener, I’m sure it seems rather simple, playing music for 2 hours, but it is work, however it’s work I love to do and enjoy doing!

So when I DJ and look out at the avatars who are dancing and listening, a smile always crosses my face and I feel blessed that I’ve found a way to positively interact with others via the internet in my love of music.

To really get the most out of being creative, we need to share with others in the pure joy of the moment, a gift that is passed on without any thought or expectation of it being returned. Moments are to be lived and shared and passed on.

To end this post I’ve included a video of a variety of pictures of Amy Winehouse and her singing the song“Someone to Watch Over Me”. It’s easy to just remember the tragic images of Amy and what abusing drugs has so sadly done to who she was, however it’s important to remember the incredible talent she had and what creative gifts she gave to us to listen to. I think there is a little “lost lamb” in all of us who partake in the virtual experience of being an avatar within a virtual environment.
I hope you enjoy this song via Youtube:


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