If it’s Thursday it must be Eclectic

I had an amazing gig last night while DJ via my virtual access to the world by way of the online platform known as Second Life. People from around the world listening, participating, connecting and most of all having fun! I want to thank the many friends, followers, group members and new listeners who come out to the gigs I perform at. The absolute biggest complement I get from my listeners is the incredible positive feedback I get in your messages to me during my gigs; so from the bottom of my heart I want you all to know how great that makes me feel! By way of example, I have this friend, who lives in England and even though she’s right at the beginning of her real life day in the UK (7am her time) when I’m DJ between 10 pm to Midnight (my time PST) she comes out to hear me DJ week in week out, cause she enjoys my sets so much! Thank you Evissa for being such a great follower and friend for making DJ Splash a part of your morning “get up and go” routine!

So being a DJ and a person who listens to or spins a lot of music, I’ll end this post with a song I was listening to this AM while commuting that I hadn’t played for a while. Two different live version of the song “Space” by Something Corporate; great energy in both versions of the song; hope you enjoy them both!


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