DJ, Music Gig Schedule – November 29th to December 5th

I’ve only got one gig time lined up for this week so far. With a busy RL schedule and the winter holiday season now here I have less time sadly to DJ.

Hip Hop/Electro Dance – 10 pm (PST) to Midnight – Wed. Dec 1st, 2010

I’ll be utilizing my Traktor Scratch Pro software this week when I DJ at Ambrosia. While I still occasionally use my SAM Broadcaster software to DJ with, Traktor is definitely my equipment of choice first and foremost. Traktor, which is made by Native Instruments, is just way more powerful, flexible and fun to DJ with compared to SAM. SAM’s a nice program too, but doesn’t have the range or interactive tools to work with like Traktor does. I’ll be mixing in key and keeping the BPM’s at 124 or higher for most songs I play during my set, to keep the vibe up-tempo and fun. If your out and about on the gig on the evening of December the 1st, please drop on by to listen to me DJ for a bit if your free!

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