Nine Inch Nails – “The Only Time”

The “Rock” genre today includes so many sub-sections it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the various areas it covers. While “Rock” might not be the driving force that it once was in regards today’s youth and what they listen to, I venture to say it is still very important. The importance of Rock to yesterday’s youth, today’s youth and tomorrow’s is that ultimately Rock is about Rebelling. Whether that rebelling be towards ones parents, elders, authority, teachers, etc., Rock at its core is centered on that all important part of being young and all the emotions one needs to deal with as their childhood moves towards adulthood. This doesn’t say that Rock doesn’t’ appeal to those of us who are no longer considered to be part of the “youth culture” quiet the opposite, however there is something very unique within Western Society that I feel will always make “Rock” a music genre of our youth.

Since Rock n Roll gained main stream media attention in the 1950’s the proliferation of approaches and styles “Rock” now covers provides both the musician and the listener with a multitude of areas to explore. I love exploring all aspects of the Rock genre; it’s a never-ending process thank goodness! A constant state of being part of a “work in progress”. Which ultimately leads me to write a bit about the Rock band, Nine Inch Nails (“NIN”) and their lead singer/front man, Trent Reznor. NIN, from my point of view, falls within the area of the “Rock” genre commonly referred to as Hard/Industrial/Alternative Rock. For the most part Trent Reznor is the band, in that he writes, produces, sings and plays all the music the band puts out. While the band started up in 1988, it really came of age in the 1990’s and of course during the first decade of this century. What’s interesting about NIN and specifically Trent Reznor is how he relates to his audience during his live performances. Trent oozes that all important “rebellious” quality of the Rock genre and this along with his incredible talent as a musician, song writer, producer and performer is what youth and “Rock” is all about. I’ve included a YouTube recording of NIN performing “The Only Time” at the 1994 Woodstock outdoor concert. The song has been digitally remastered, and provides an unbelievable sound quality! Enjoy!

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