Leading by Example; WordPress and the Concept of Open Source

I started this blog just over a year ago now. For the most part it was fairly dormant during the first few months of its existence. It wasn’t really until about later January of this year that I started to engage myself more in the process of using this blog as a form of experimental creative exploring; . I didn’t really have a grasp on the world of blogging before I started this journey. Oh sure I had visited and read other people’s blogs before while surfing the web, but I never had really spent anytime thinking about the various creative opportunities that blogging provided to both the casual user or the seasoned professional writer. On reading my blog you’ll see that I’m far from a “seasoned professional writer”. I fall down a lot, but that’s what makes this journey I’m on “real” and alive!

Music from an Isl in Japan from Second Life

I was watching an interview yesterday on Matt Mullenweg the CEO of WordPress and his various other companies, via a link I got on twitter (sorry I didn’t save the link to the interview). Matt is a smart, articulate person and this was the first time I had heard or really read much about him. What I got most out of the interview was Matt’s strong believe and embrace of the open source concept/idea on the web. I have never given much thought to the concept of open source before but his points of view made me stop and think about why open source is important. The web for all its changes and advancements is still growing and evolving as a new form of interacting. Rapid advancements on the ways we use and communicate on the web is breath-taking. Yes some of the advancements and use of an open web have not be grand and should be viewed with a big grain of salt. However to point to the less than positive aspects of an open web as a reason for more restrictions on how we use the web is wrong in my opinion. Likewise to just assume that the web will stay “open” and evolving like it is, would be both foolish and dangerous. The openness of the web today is the result of many pioneers in the fields of computer science, the arts, education and even business who understand that the ability for the world to hopefully further the cause of humanity so we better understand each other is via the “open” web platform. Knowledge and the ability to learn should be open to all. To share and collaborate, to take risks and to scrape our knees now and then in the process of learning, but with the ability to dust ourselves off after we have fallen and not be restricted to push forward.

Thank you to the team and supporters of WordPress who embrace the ideals of open-ism on the web you’re an important component of a more humane approach and concept on what the web can be!

So for the coming year my humble wish for 2011 is that we all continue to embrace and support the ideal of an open web

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