Mary J Blige

I love so many different types and varieties of music. I especially enjoy live music and someone who has an incredible grasp and vocal range for hitting clean high notes. I’m attached a live version of Mary J Blige singing. Mary is popish, I know, but I still enjoy her dynamic voice and the emotions she puts into her songs.

First video: “Be Without You (Live 2007 Grammy’s)”


2 thoughts on “Mary J Blige

    • I would generally agree with you that Mary J Blige is a Soul singer, but her music does touch into areas of R&B and pop at times too.

      The definition of “pop music” is typically center around commercial recorded music that is centered on the youth market and has a popular appeal in “Top 40’s” music stations in North America. Over the years pop music has absorbed influences from most other genres of popular music. As such to refer to the song, “Be Without You” as having a bit of a “popish” sound is not incorrect, but at the same time I should have also mentioned it’s more central role in the Soul and R&B music genres too in my original post. In any event it is one of my more favorite Mary J Blige songs due to the emotional structure and approach she uses in the song. Thanks for making a comment and contributing to the blog!

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