Fantasy Faire 2011 in Second Life ~ Relay for Life DJ Gig

Fantasy Faire 2011 ~ DJ Splash 128 BPM

I’m DJ at the Fantasy Faire 2011 in Second Life on Friday April 8th, 2011 from 9 pm to 11 pm (PST). If you’re a member/resident of Second Life and on the “grid” during my gig time please come out and hear me DJ for a bit if you can. I’ve included two photo/ad’s for my event that I had made up today by Ms Laynie Marialla, who is a fabulous photographer in Second Life, who’s available for commission work if you’re in need of unique and professional looking pictures. My RL has been so busy lately, I almost forgot about this important DJ gig coming up and asked Laynie if she would do a rush job for me. I was super please with the results of Laynie’s work on such short notice.

Here’s a link to the Fantasy Faire 2011 website listing all the entertainment going on till Sunday, April 10, 2011: Fastasy Faire 2011

Fantasy Faire 2011 ~ DJ Splash BPM 128

Relay for Life, for those not aware, is one of the largest, charity organization in the world today that raises much-needed money for the ongoing fight and treatment of Cancer. Several years ago, 2004 to be exact, a group of dedicated member of Second Life, decided to start-up a Relay for Life event “in world” via this unique 3D virtual environment to raise money for the real world charity organization, the American Cancer Society via the Relay for Life platform. Since that time Relay for Life in Second Life has grown at a very steady pace from year to year and is now the largest charity organization structure in Second Life that involves thousands of Avatars, which ultimately are thousands of real people from around the world all working on the cause of fighting cancer. If ever there was one single positive cause demonstrating both the power and collective good-will actions of so many people from around the world via a virtual environment, Relay for Life in Second Life (“RFL in SL”) is the cake, the icing and the cherry on top, in my view. If you go to the Relay for Life website you will find a link to the RFL in SL web site and from there learn about just what a positive, influential virtual world organization this is. To give you a bit of flavor of what RFL in SL is all about I’ve included a web link to the wiki web site for you:

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