Philip Rosedale of Second Life Interview

The YouTube link noted below is from an interview with Philip Rosedale, the founder and previous CEO of Second Life from a few months ago that was done by Kevin Rose from the organization called “Foundation”. It’s a good interview, and well worth viewing if you’re at all interested in virtual reality, computing and Second Life, as it deals with some of the insights and background into the motivation and reasons for the creation of Second Life. What’s also very interesting about this interview is that Kevin Rose, the interviewer, is very conversant with both computer hardware and computer software technology, and the near term history of computing. Because the interviewer has an in-depth knowledge base about computing, the quality of the interview is a lot better than other interviews I’ve seen before with Philip Rosedale. In any event, as a resident of Second Life, I found this to be a very enjoyable interview to watch and hope you’ll take the time to watch it too. Enjoy!

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