Nine Types of Jello & the Importance of an Apology

Recently I made a rather random stupid comment about a picture that someone placed on Facebook. At the time I thought my comment was rather funny and witty. The picture in question related to a fan of an artist that I respect and admire. To make a long story short, the artist in question made a comment back that basically exposed my original comment as being short-sighted and uncalled for, however in a very diplomatic way. When I read the person’s comment who I admired, I felt foolish and embarrassed by my short-sighted comment and what I had said. Lucky for me via one of my social media channels I was able to send a direct mail notice to the artist that I admire and was able to apologize to him for my original comment about one of his fans. Within a few hours I had a message back from the artist in question, who I know is a very, very busy person, that said “Hey All Good”, which I felt was very cool for him to do.

The key point I want to make with this blog post is that we all at times, in our super charged connected world, can easily make a stupid and/or not needed comment, and that we need to step back sometimes and really think about what we are typing before hitting the “enter” button. The other point I want to make is that while the world may seem smaller due to our interconnectedness now, it’s still a vast world too with many different types of people, with many different tastes, and we need to be respectful of each other and what we like. Or to put it in simple laymen s terms ” there is a reason why there is nine types of jello; a flavor for everyone”!

We all make mistakes, just remember to have the strength of character to apologize for our mistakes too.

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