Pictures ~ Second Life 8th Birthday Party ~ June 20th to June 26th, 2011

I’ve done one posting about the forth coming Second Life 8th Birthday (“SL8B”) Party Celebration, but thought I would add another on the evening before everything kicks off. I had the opportunity to take a few more pictures this evening and wanted to share a few with everyone. I took a few pictures of the main Stage area, Linden bear Island (btw my all time favorite bear is my Teagan Linden bear!) and a picture of the KISR radio station build. This years SL8B is bigger and better than ever with so much to see and do. Please take some time this week to really get out and enjoy the many sims that have been set up if you’re a resident of Second Life. So many people have put in lots of time and energy to not only show case their areas of expertise in Second Life, but also to make this such a great collaborative project that really showcases the nature of people from all over the world working cooperatively in a virtual setting. This really is a celebration of the incredible vast virtual world of Second Life and what has been accomplished so far and what can still be accomplished too! Happy Birthday Second Life, Eight is a truly “magical” number!


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