Memories of Last Night’s DJ Gig at Second Life 8th Birthday Party

I DJ at Second Life 8th Birthday Party (“SL8B”) last night from 10pm to Midnight and other than a bit of a technical problems at the beginning part of my set getting my stream going, it was a great night of spinning a fun set of vocal house tunes for a lively and fun group of people. Special thanks to all the volunteers with the SL8B Staff who helped out and spent some time hanging out and enjoying the music (i.e. Doc, KT, Barbs, Chastity, GOLAN, Skate, Sully, Kev, Shawn & crew). I always want to give a big thanks to all my friends who came out last night and my group members, your continued support and appreciation for my style of DJ is a key reason I keep doing this. A big thanks also to Laynie for making my invite card for me on short notice. Thanks to nEo Stream for providing the Icecast stream so I could DJ on the internet last night, crystal clear sound! Thanks to Zed Linden for coming as a representative of Linden Labs and enjoying the music too. I didn’t take a lot of pictures as I was busy on the DJ controls on my mixer, but I did take a few that I can share. Thanks again to everyone who was able to come out to hear me last night, it means the world to me when I can share in my love of music with others!

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