Splash Kidd DJ’s Tonight!!!!

Hi everyone! If your a resident of the virtual world called Second Life, I, as in Splash Kidd or DJ Splash Kidd, will most definitely be DJ at the ______________________ this evening.

Where: Second Life ~ Club
When: July 7th 2011 10:00 pm to Midnight SLT = PST
What: Dance Club Style (i.e Vocal House, EDM, Listener Requests, etc.)

If you never heard me DJ before in Second Life please take a moment out of your time on the “grid” so you can check out my style. My DJ style is uptempo, lively, eclectic, and very interactive. I’m definitely no radio or bot, and live mix each and every one of my gig’s. My number one goal is to put a smile on my listeners faces be where ever they may be in real life so that they can look back after all is said and done and feel that their virtual club experience was something they got a lot of enjoyment from!

Hope to see you this evening at my gig if your online!

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