Dave Aude’s Remix of Gorillaz’s “Dare”

Dave Aude is one of the best remix/producer’s in the music business. His keen sense of the rhythm of a song and what is needed to give it that infectious dance/club remix feel is unbelievable. As a DJ I love to play remixes by Dave Aude. So keep those remixes flowing Dave Aude; your sense of timing and what makes a song great to listen & dance to in a club setting is first class!

Take a moment to check out the YouTube video of the song “Dare” by Gorillaz’s that has been superbly remixed by Dave Aude. Hope you enjoy this version of the song, as much as I did!


One thought on “Dave Aude’s Remix of Gorillaz’s “Dare”

  1. Hey there!

    I represent Dave Aude’s record label ‘Audacious Records’. I write to you in the interest of quality dance music. We noticed your representation of Dave’s work, and we’d like to share more of his endeavors with you.
    Here’s Dave tearing the house down at The Avalon in Hollywood this year –

    Check out more of Dave’s recent work on his official youtube page. Enjoy, and happy dancing.

    -The Audacious Army

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