Quote from Armin Van Buuren ~ Top Trance DJ

I subscribe to a newsletter called Digital DJ Tips and get up-dates once or twice a week, via email, on a number of topic’s that are central to people who are digital dj’s, like myself. The newsletters and the web site for Digital DJ Tips is a place I refer back to fairly often given the rich variety of information it provides to me that is central to what I do as a DJ. If your interested in digital DJ I would definitely recommend you check out the web site noted above for “Digital DJ Tips”

In every newsletter is a section called “Quotes from the DJ Booth” that shares a bit of wisdom from well-known DJ’s. Recently the newsletter had a quote from Armin Van Buuren, who is one of the most famous Trance DJ’s in the world today. Armin is based out of the Netherlands in Europe. Armin has a radio program called A State of Trance” that is heard by a worldwide audience of 15 million plus listeners every week. As such Armin knows a think or two about what music his listener’s want to hear. In any event the quote from Armin is important in that it help’s to remind me as a DJ that the music isn’t about “me” it’s about the listeners and what they want to hear.

“I’d really say 95 percent of the people I’m playing for do not care if it’s mixed analogue or digital. Songs are much more important. I don’t even hear the difference between a 192 kbps and a 320 kbps MP3, to be brutally honest with you! What matters is the music, your ideas — you’re an entertainer.” – Armin Van Buuren

So what ever type of DJ you maybe, if your playing for an audience, always remind yourself about the noted quote from Armin Van Buuren if you’re wanting to be successful!

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