DJ Splash Kidd ~ September 15 2011

I’ll be back on the decks spinning tunes this evening from 10pm to Midnight. I’m a digital DJ streaming live on the net in the three dimension virtual world know at Second Life Second Life Official Web Site. Why might you ask am I DJ on the net in this fashion? Because next to DJ live in real life, this is the next best option in my view in how once can DJ. A three dimension virtual environment via a virtual club type of set up that others can get access to via their avatars and interact with each other while listening to music live. The coolest aspect of DJ like this too is that anyone with a Second Life account (which is free by the way) in any place in the world can listen to me live and interact with me in type chat while I’m spinning tunes. So if you’re a member of Second Life, I hope your on the “grid” during my DJ time and can come out and hear me DJ. If you’re not a member yet of Second Life take a look and come explore the multitudes of creative options that this unique three-dimensional virtual environment has to offer. There is a bit of a learning curve of course to Second Life, but if you give it a go and don’t give up right away, you’ll find an interesting new way of interacting with others from around the globe! Yeah I know it’s a bit like what happen to Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole, but in this situation it’s your own rabbit hole that you get to create and experience first hand, not just vicariously via Alice’s adventures!

2 thoughts on “DJ Splash Kidd ~ September 15 2011

    • Gives DJ Rocky a virtual Hi^5! I very much appreciate your comment Rocky. It’s hard, as I’m sure you know, to explain to people outside of Second Life, on what it means to interact with other people within a virtual three-dimension environment. On the surface, and from the “outside looking in” I can see how many people won’t “get it” or would see it as just some kind of superficial “Sim City” type of game. But as you and I both know, there is way more to a virtual three dimension environment like Second Life than just the animated avatars people use to interact with each others. For those of us who “get it”, the utilization of a three dimension virtual world to interact with other people from around the globe in real-time opens up countless possibilities, whether those be in the arts, education, business and or just to socialize with others. Sure lots of interactions in Second Life are superficial or rather pedestrian, just like lots of interaction in real life are like that too, however there are also some great forms of interaction that take place that are far from being superficial!

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