DJ Splash Kidd Performs at Burn2 October 2 2011 9pm to 11pm PST

DJ Splash Kidd will be DJ on Sunday October 2nd, 2011 at 9pm to 11pm PST in Second Life at Burn2. Burn2 is one of the key events in Second Life every October. This will be the third year in a row that I have been honored to DJ for the Burn2 organization. Burn2 is the meta-verses equivalent to the Burning Man event that takes places every year in the desert area of Nevada, USA. Phillip Linden the founder and past CEO of Linden Labs the company behind Second Life, got a lot of his first ideas and concepts for Second Life when he attended Burning Man one year during the very early days of putting together Second Life. As such the Burn2 in Second Life each year is a way for the community to honor the original roots of Second Life and to keep the creative energy of Second Life alive and well! Burn On Burn2, Burn on!!!

Please check out Honour McMillan’s Blog if you can, as Honour is a key organizer with Burn2 and has lots of information on her website about Burn2 and other interesting places in Second Life too! Honour McMillan

I’ll be DJ on the Tokyo Stage this year and will be laying down a hot Vocal Progressive House mix for those who make it out.

I took a few pictures of the Tokyo Stage area and of my Stage Manager, JoanneLynne who will be keeping me in order when I DJ

Hope your able to make it to my gig this Sunday if you’re a member of Second Life, but if not Burn2 is on for the entire week till Sunday October 9th so please check out the many cool/creative builds and event too when you have a spare moment; you won’t be disappointed!

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