Evolution of Digital DJ

For those in the know, I’m an owner/user of several products from Native Instruments. Native Instruments is a world leader in providing various hardware and software products with respect to the digital music revolution that is taking place today. My current center point product, that gets the most work-out from Native Instruments, is Traktor Scratch Pro that I use to DJ with digitally on the web.

More and more you hear the phrase “Bedroom DJ” being used to refer to people who DJ from their homes via the web. I’m not sure if Bedroom DJ is really the way to describe my current style of DJ; I would say I’m more of a “Home Office” kind of digital DJ, but that’s another topic for another blog postings.

Anyways it’s Friday, TGIF everyone, and I want to share with you a cool video that really gives meaning to the concept of the “Bedroom DJ”. The video is the “Directors Cut: Jamie Lidell performing with iMaschine” iMaschine is a music production product from Native Instruments that you can install on your smart phone. Here’s the link to the iMaschine product at the Native Instrument web page for more details. It’s mind-blowing when you think about just how fast things are changing in regards to computer hardware and software technology, and how we can use those advancements in the creative arts. Hope you enjoy the video I’ve posted as much as I did!

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