The Spirit of Burn2 2011 in Second Life

This is a bit of a post DJ event review by yours truly on my DJ gig at Burn2 this year in Second Life on Sunday October 3 2011. I DJ from 9pm to Midnight and my oh my what a great time it was! If there is a magical moment each year in Second Life for me it’s the week-long community event called Burn2 that is the metaverse’s equivalent of the RL Burning Man event that takes place each year in the Northern Nevada desert area near Black Rock. Due to real life (“RL”) commitments this year I wasn’t able to be at Burn2 as much as I would like, but I did get to hear several DJ perform at the Tokyo Stage during the week and a couple of live musicians too at the Center Stage. I BIG shout out and thank you to all the volunteers (Rangers, Greeters, Bloggers, Managers, Coordinators, Performers, DJ’s, Builders, etc., who help to make the Burn2 event this year such a cool and fun experience!. A special thanks to several people at Burn2 who I’ve gotten to know; GOLAN Eilde for his faith in my abilities to DJ within the Burn2 vibe, to Doc Gascoigne who’s “burning” spirit is legendary, to Honour McMillan who’s approach to Second Life and eye for detail I find incredibility calming, to Sporty Tone for his faith in my abilities and long hours making sure the streams work at the various stages, to Lixxin for her long hours too when Sporty was allowed to get some rest in RL, and to Joannelynne my Stage Manager this year who help keep the type chat going when I was lost in playing with various nobs (not noobs!) on my mixing board. Burn on everyone, can’t wait to next year.

Here are as few pictures from my gig at Burn2 this year and the various avatar looks of those who were in attendance!

I’ve added int a fun YouTube video that some people made recently at the RL Burning Man festival just to give you a bit of a flavor of what it means to be a “Burner”! Enjoy!

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