“Hence my self loathing” indeed!

I’ve included a video clip from episode 5 of season 1 of Californication that stars David Dachovny for this blog posting. Californication that premiered on Showtime in August of 2007, is now into its fifth season, and worth while checking out if you never have watched it before.

David’s character, Hank Moody, is a rather interesting anti-hero type protagonist. Hank, in my view, is a good image of someone who is smart enough to be self-reflective and cynical about the Hollywood approach towards the American Dream, but paradoxically is also “lost” within that view-point too in how he conducts himself. Hank is a talented, but washed up writer, who is living in the “City of Angles” and is trying to find his legs once again after being disillusioned by the process of one of his novels being turned into a sugar-coated screen play for the big screen. Hank, for those who haven’t watched Californication before, stumbles from one episode into the next, typically intoxicated and screwing any fair-skinned maiden who enters within his field of view. While his vision is clouded about the future, his view backwards to what he once had is clear; at least from his internal view of what the past had been.

I’m not big by any stretch of the imagination about the quality of TV programing today. I would far rather watch an older or independent type of movie, but Californication does have some good dialogue going for it at times. Sure Californication, has a certain typical adult Hollywood TV formula to it (too much swearing, over use of sex, lots of glamorous people, etc.) but to a large degree that’s the point of the series. I like the fact that David Dachovny, who is also a writer of the series and its executive producer, is willing to take a jab at the moral decay that is below the surface of the external “beauty” of Hollywood and the entire La La Land scene.

In this part of episode 5 “Hank” is being interviewed on public radio and talks about his feelings about our use of technology and the dumbing down of the English language via texting. Hank’s speech is very much a reflection of our self-absorbed, hyper-texting society we have become and what we are quickly losing; our ability to really communicate with each other.

To draw a bit of a parallel, given my involvement with the virtual world of Second Life, when I recently watched this scene, it sadly reminded me of a lot of the typical type chat that takes place within Second Life. The disintegration of the King’s or Queen’s English into a sea of type chat acronym superficiality.

Chuckles; but then who am I to call the kettle black? “Hence my self loathing”! Enjoy!

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