Bob Dylan’s ~ If you see her, say hello

Funny how something you see or hear will stir up the past; sometimes when you least expect it. It’s fall now, the leafs are turning color and falling to the ground. The brilliance of the multicolored spectrum of the ever-changing landscape. The Final Scene of Episode 5 from Season 1 of “Californication” starting David Duchovny

As David teases you with the front end of Bob Dylan’s “If you see her, say hello” in the above video clip, I’ve included a full version of the song too. It’s superb in the meanings behind the words; timeless pain that never goes away.

Just a bit of “Blood on the Tracks” from the one and only Bob Dylan “If you see her say hello”. The music poet of our times, always! Enjoy. This is a new version from youtube. A live recording, as the other video’s on youtube got yanked off by the record company.

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