Noah Jones ~ Thinking About You

Nothing like the smooth silky voice of Ms Noah Jones on a brilliant Autumn day. Noah’s voice always seems to flow so easily into every pore in my body. I’ve included a live version of Noah Jones performing “Thinking About You” the video quality of the clip is, so so, but Noah’s voice and piano playing are strong. The true quality of a musical artist is their ability to perform live and Ms Jones has no problem at all delivering the goods when she on the stage! Enjoy!

When that sun comes over the eastern horizon and it’s rays explode over the mountain range to the east I can see the expanse of the river valley below me. Last nights mist lingers on the fields that surround the river delta. The leafs are turning, the earth prepares itself for another winter session soon to come; all maybe not well, but the earth keeps on turning, and there are still moments to enjoy and reflect.


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