View Point of our Cosmic Womb

This is a bit off topic from most of my blog postings, but I found this picture recently via a Reuters/NASA publication and wanted to share it. The picture is, in the words of Reuters, “of a setting last quarter crescent moon and the thin line of Earth’s atmosphere photographed by an Expedition 24 crew member as the International Space Station passes over central Asia, September 4, 2010”. It’s not hard to see why this photograph is so amazing, its breath-taking, but what really is captivating about the picture, at least from my view-point, is the “thin line of Earth’s atmosphere” and the womb like fragile shell that protects all life on earth. This fragile shell has evolved over millions of years and yet within only the last 100 years or so we have pumped a toxic mixture of man-made gases into the atmosphere that are now threatening the fine balance between life and death. I know this is an over used cliché, but the concept of “think globally, act locally” needs to be part of everyone’s set of day-to-day routines. Please do your part to help protect our atmosphere, our planet and all forms of life that still exist on earth. Senseless consumption and not doing our part to protect our planet, should never have been and more than ever, is not an option!

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