DJ Splash Kidd Thursday November 10th, 2011

I’ll be spinning a combination of Dance Club, Vocal House and Hip Hop tunes this evening.

For those of you reading this blog post and going “what the heck is Second Life; I’ve added in a direct link to the Second Life web page for you so you can get up to speed with respect to what three-dimensional virtual worlds are all about: Second Life So if you’re not up to speed on Second Life and virtual worlds, please check out the web page and give is a full read over. The creation of a Second Life account is entirely free and the possibilities on what you can do via an avatar within a virtual environment is endless!

If you’re an existing member of Second Life, and on the “grid” this evening when I’m DJ, please drop on by and check out my DJ gig. My gig’s are high energy, a great choice of dance club type tunes, the songs are always mixed in key and I typically keep my bpm’s at 128! House music type of structure baby at it’s very best!

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