Covering One’s tush via the “Disclaimer”

I recently came across the noted disclaimer via an article I read at the Blog section of the Village Voice website.Village Voice The article deals with various words or acronyms that the author feels need to be retired on the internet. Some are justified of course, others are not. I think the author of the article should spend a little time at the Urban Dictionary web site to find many other words or acronyms that needed to be retired too. Urban Dictionary In any event what really caught my eye and made me chuckle was the disclaimer at the end of the article on the Village Voice web site, which states:

“Disclaimer: We cannot be held accountable for which of these words and phrases we may continue to use now and again, because, while knowing is half the battle, it’s time in the market that really matters.”

Needless to say I don’t think I need to try to dissect the disclaimer for everyone, it speaks for itself and the state of our virtual society today and the way lots of people interact! It’s very tongue in cheek of course; which I like, but when it comes to viewing everything via the lens of the “market place” is it not time we all head to the check-out stand before it is too late?


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